Camelback: Off Trail


If you’ve ever been to Arizona, you know that virtually the only thing to do besides go swimming is to go hiking. The only catch to going hiking is Arizona is THE HEAT. Either you go during the winter or you go now, but you have to wake up pretty damn early in the morning to escape some of the heat.
Thank goodness for me, it rained yesterday (and by rain I mean it actually rained for a total of 5 minutes and sprinkled for about an hour). So this morning was actually super nice!


I woke up at 6 a.m, changed, and left to go pick up my friend. Of course he took an extra 10 minutes to get ready and I had to wait outside. By 7 we were looking for a parking spot. Another thing about our hike: we went to Camelback, probably the most popular mountain in Phoenix and also its shaped like a camel. And pretty much every smart person in Phoenix wakes up early to go hiking. By 7:25 we had finally found a parking spot.
My friend and I stayed on trail until about halfway, where we decided to go check out a sort of cave/boulder thing. I seriously thought I was going to fall the whole time. I had to scale the boulder to get around it to the other side. I’m am telling you. Scary.
and got pictures…as always!





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