Pinetop in May





For those of your who have no idea where Pinetop is, it’s okay, no one does. Pinetop is basically just a small town full of cabins and golf. If you don’t golf then there’s nothing much for you to do.
If you go about a 45 minute ride from Pinetop, you reach Sunrise Park, which is a ski park. In May ski parks aren’t all top popular though. Maybe because of the lack of snow. Buy fear not, there is still hiking!
We paid the fee to ride the ski lift, which comes with an amazing view by the way. When you get to the top the view is even more breathtaking. We took a couple pictures at the top and proceeded our 45 minute hike down Sunrise Peak.
The food at the bottom of the ski resort didn’t seem very great so we brought our own sandwiches. After lunch some us went back up the mountain to hike one last time. This is probably why I’m really sore right now. Oops.

Stay tuned for a post tomorrow on where to stay and what to do in Pinetop, and more pictures.


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